Meet Toni

Here we are well into a new century and we are still hearing that women with the same qualifications are paid less than men for the same work. Women are still having difficulty achieving financial independence.

I want to change that by showing women how they can use investment property to build wealth.

I have the experience and knowledge to do this successfully as not only am I a fully licensed real estate agent who currently manages over half a billion dollars’ worth of investment property, I am also a well-qualified educator with thirty years’ experience including being principal of a leading Melbourne private girls’ school.

Helping women and girls gain the knowledge needed is important to me as I recognise that knowledge is power. Growing up, girls often missed out on gaining this knowhow as it was not a topic in which girls were engaged or which they overheard.

I currently have seven granddaughters and I want things as they should be for all their generation.

I love: fine red wine, travel, particularly in France and a good book.







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