Real Estate Borrowing – Broker or Bank? Ep. 3

With Felicity Heffernan, mortgage broker about why you'd choose a broker rather than bank - also great information about new credit rating scores.


You’ve found the perfect property for your next investment. Now it’s time to talk money. In this episode, Toni interviews Felicity Heffernan, a mortgage broker from NSW.

From previous episodes, we’ve learned of the importance of a mortgage broker and how issues such as lack of communication can cause unnecessary financial distress.

We discuss the advantages to using a broker over a bank, the importance of credit scores and credit card limits, and what a client should look for in a broker.

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As a licensed real estate agent, educator, author, and speaker, Toni Planinsek decided to combine her skills and create a resource that is easily accessible and will help educate individuals on the topic of real estate. It’s one thing to live in a property, but it’s another thing to own or invest in one. People often become disillusioned with the real estate process from poor experiences that left them overwhelmed or cheated. Listeners will begin to learn the “real estate game”, with its own language and ways of functioning, so they can be confident in leasing, buying, or investing in their next property.

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