Renting in Toronto Canada Ep 30

With Samantha Durnford

What’s it like to rent property in Canada? In a previous episode of Real Estate Matters, Toni interviewed Zoe Macfarlane about renting in Los Angeles, California. In this episode, Toni moves on to Canada, where her guest Samantha Durnford lives and works, to find out about what it’s like renting in Toronto.

Samantha explains to Toni what you can expect to pay in rent, and they discuss the implications of the lack of a bond (or deposit) in Toronto. Samantha is in a private rental, so there are no agents to deal with, but she and Toni discuss some of the quirks of the system doing it that way. If you’re considering renting in Toronto while saving for a house, you may want to reconsider; Toni and Samantha also discuss house prices in the greater Toronto area and why even moving further out may not save you money.

Have you considered checking whether your rental property is listed on the bed bug registry? Or whether your utilities are included? In Toronto, it’s also illegal to exclude tenants because of pets, but it doesn’t mean that landlords won’t try to stop you anyway. Samantha tells Toni some of the pitfalls you may come across while renting in Toronto, and some other tips of what to check before you sign a rental agreement.

Finally, Toni and Samantha run down the best websites to look on for rental properties in the city, and why it’s important to check square footage (or meterage!) when searching.

About Samantha Durnford

 Samantha Durnford (Samie) is a journalist and digital marketer based in Toronto, Canada, where she lives with her partner, Luke. Luke and Samie have travelled the world, including a year in South East Asia and Europe, when she wrote a travel blog and taught English. Sadly, she never made it to Australia in her travels.

Topics Covered

  • How much do you need for a bond on a rented property in Toronto?
  • What can tenants do to resolve disputes with their landlords?
  • Is there competition between prospective tenants in Toronto?
  • Typical selling prices of homes, and how much you’d need for a mortgage deposit
  • Why moving out of town may not save you any money
  • Things to check before you sign a rental agreement
  • How long is a typical lease in Toronto?
  • The best websites for finding rental properties in the city

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Resources Mentioned

Toronto bed bug registry:


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