The Real Cost of Real Estate Purchase – Don’t get Caught Short Ep. 2

With Rebecca Gray - when newly married they'd just bought their first property. Didn’t understand all the costs they needed to cover at settlement and were caught short and were very stressed.


Just like many other Australians out there today, Rebecca Gray and her husband married and set out to buy their first property. Even with backgrounds in finance and real estate, the Gray family still had gaps in knowledge when it came to becoming homeowners. After compromising on location, unanticipated expenses, and unnecessary stress, Rebecca shares her experiences and advocates for more mentoring when it comes to understanding the “real estate game” in today’s market.

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About your host:

As a licensed real estate agent, educator, author, and speaker, Toni Planinsek decided to combine her skills and create a resource that is easily accessible and will help educate individuals on the topic of real estate. It’s one thing to live in a property, but it’s another thing to own or invest in one. People often become disillusioned with the real estate process from poor experiences that left them overwhelmed or cheated. Listeners will begin to learn the “real estate game”, with its own language and ways of functioning, so they can be confident in leasing, buying, or investing in their next property.

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