Bessie Hassan Explains What Adds Value to Property Ep 33

Good Tips for Your Property Research

Property fix-up shows are gaining popularity on television, but are their suggestions really what adds value to property? It may seem sensible that a coat of paint and a new kitchen will entice buyers, but smart buyers should look beyond the façade and examine a property’s potential. In this episode of Real Estate Matters, Toni invites money and property expert Bessie Hassan to explain what sellers should do to really increase their property’s value, and what buyers should look for, either to save money on a purchase, or maximize a sale in the future.

It isn’t just the house that sells a property. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, have you considered the impact of planned infrastructure changes by the local council? What about school catchment areas? Bessie explains to Toni how these and other external factors can significantly affect the selling price of a property. They also discuss why Toni believes “where there’s caffe latte, there’s capital gains”, and some tips on what to look for if you want a great property at a knock-down price. Finally, Bessie has a few money-saving hacks for young people saving for a deposit, or anyone who simply wants to save a bit of extra cash.

About Bessie Hassan

Bessie Hassan is a money and c who has been interviewed more than 80 times on television and countless times on the radio. She has a degree in business and has worked in the media and communications industry for over 14 years. Bessie is currently the Head of PR Australia for is a website offering advice on several financial topics, and concentrating on comparisons between services such as credit cards, insurance, and loans.

Topics Covered

  • Why property fix-up shows get it wrong
  • Should you remodel that kitchen before you sell?
  • What should new buyers look for in a house, beyond the façade
  • External factors that could contribute to the value of a property
  • Where to get information on local planning
  • Why you should get to know the neighbors in your new prospective neighborhood
  • Why should young buyers care about school catchment areas?
  • How coffee shops can predict the future of a neighborhood
  • Where there shouldn’t be any rush when you’re buying property
  • Money-saving hacks that anyone can benefit from

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What Have Rocks Got to Do With It? EP 32

Property Insider Secrets Ep 32

If you bought a pet rock in the 1970s (or when they were released again in 2012, chances are, you were in on the joke. Rocks, of course, aren’t pets. But when someone offers you all the secrets to property investing, as long as you pay for an expensive course, how can you spot whether they’re a phoney? Investment property scams are, sadly, commonplace.

Inspired by a recent news story about a young single mother who charged $15,000 to a credit card in order to afford a real estate investment course, this episode of Real Estate Matters is all about what you should look out for.

Beware of Spruikers

Sorry there is no 'magic' way

Spruikers. Is it a word that you know? You should, because they are people to be avoided. Lately I have been hearing all sorts of stories of how they manage to get people to part with their money for wealth creation courses and the like.  They use the offer of a free seminar to pitch all sorts of “property buying magic” and “money making magic”

What happens at these seminars is the type of hype that has people spending far more money then they can afford. The Barefoot Investor tells the story of a singe mum with very little financial security being encouraged to get a credit card or three and then being charged over $15,000 for a wealth creation course. The way that some of these people behave is similar to a cult and we all know stories of how people were draw into cults very easily.

Financing Your Investment Property Ep 26

Peter Ziggy Explains Your Options

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an existing property owner, you might be thinking about buying an investment property. But what should you look out for when financing your investment property? If you’re not prepared, or you don’t get appropriate advice, you could ultimately lose out.

In this episode of Real Estate Matters, Toni interviews Peter Ziggy, CEO and founder of 3P Financial – a niche, boutique financial services provider.  They discuss whether it’s better to invest first or buy first, the best methods of financing your investment property, and what to consider when taking financial advice.

This episode is key for anyone who is considering financing an investment property. You’ll learn why it’s important to choose the right financial adviser, what kinds of buffers you should plan for in your investment cash flow, and why you may want to put off buying your own home in favor of an investment in the short term.

Buying property with others with Nikki Anderson Ep 25

Questions you need to ask whether it is one or more others

Are you considering buying a property with another person? Maybe you’re looking to get on the property ladder by purchasing with a friend, a relative, or with a partner to whom you’re not married? Buying property with others is a common arrangement, but one that can be fraught with pitfalls. If you don’t plan well BEFORE you buy, it could have unintended consequences later.

In this episode of Real Estate Matters, Toni talks to conveyancer Nikki Anderson about some key terms to be aware of when buying property with others, and what things you should consider before you put your name on the title. Nikki also gives Toni some examples of different arrangements you may want to consider when buying property with others.

How OCs and BCs might be part of your life – Property Insider Secrets Ep 24

What are Owners Corporations and Body Corporates?

If you are going to buy or lease a property with a common area, it’s very important that you know what you are getting into before you sign a contract.

In Episode 16 of Real Estate Matters, Toni talked about the various apartment titles and the attributes of each. In this episode, Toni dives deeper into the responsibilities and costs that come with OC’s, (Owners Corporations) and BC’s, (Body Corporates) and the questions you need to ask before making a decision on a property that comes with common areas and other shared expenses.

Are you planning for success?

You can ensure results ...

Time Can Be Your Friend

I spent Christmas in Singapore with part of my family that have lived there for nine years. Two of my granddaughters had birthdays the week before Christmas. Sarah turned ten and Isabelle turned five. Isabelle was born in Singapore.
Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.58.32 pm


As we celebrated Christmas Eve this year with a trip to a downtown Singapore hotel to listen to carols the memory of my daughter holding a five day old baby Isabelle at the carols was very fresh in my mind. If someone had asked me how long ago did that happen I would have said most likely two years or perhaps three, yet I knew full well that it was five years ago.


Do you find yourself asking where did that time go? I know as you get older the time seems to go faster but it still seems a shock to most adults how quickly it does go by.

Start Now

So don’t be discouraged if buying your first property seems only possible sometime in the distance future. The time will pass quickly. Start preparing now even before you have a firm plan. Open a specific bank account and start saving now. Push yourself to see what percentage of your income you can save without radically changing your lifestyle.


There are a few golden oldie books about wealth and savings. One is Think and Grow Rich and another is The Richest Man in Babylon. In the latter the suggestion is 10% of income should be saved. Hmm not easy but it is a target.

I read a results formula recently and it goes:

Knowledge  +  Volition  +  Action  =  Results

I have started a podcast series called Real Estate Matters to give beginners lots of background knowledge about different aspects of real estate. Subscribe – it’s free.

Volition is a word I didn’t really know except I have used the phrase “one’s own volition”.  It means using the power of your own will. Let’s call it Grit. Without Grit you just won’t make it happen. You will be a dreamer who just hopes …

There will be lots of actions you can do but just starting to save, no matter how small the amount, is a great first action. Time passes and quickly and so it won’t take long for the amount to be worthwhile. You will discover that somehow that money will attract other money …

You can do it!


Ros O’Sullivan learns lots changing property types Ep.18

From owning a home to buying an apartment to live in

Changing Property Types - Home to Apartment with Ros Osullivan - Real Estate Matters Podcast Ep.18
Have you bought a home and are now considering buying an apartment? Vice versa? The two may seem similar but there are a lot of differences that you need to be aware of before you start the process.

After travelling and staying in apartments via Airbnb, Ros O’Sullivan decided to sell her home and buy an apartment. She quickly realised that there was a lot to learn. This week Ros joins Toni on the podcast to talk about her experience and some of the lessons she took away from her journey.

Buying Real Estate by Auction with Peter Gray Ep. 17

Preparation can make you a winner


Buying a property, especially your first, is a very emotional experience. Buying a property at auction can make that emotional roller-coaster even worse which is why you need to know what you are doing before the auction starts!

This week Toni speaks with Peter Gray, a real estate agent, about the auction process and why it’s so important that you do the necessary research and preparation before bidding on a property. The more familiar you feel with the process the more confident you will be and the less chance there is of disaster.

Why do some apartments have different titles? Property Insider Secrets Ep.16

Toni Planinsek explains Company Share, Stratum and Strata

Before you fall in love with an apartment and start bidding, it’s important to know the type of title attached to the unit. It may seem a bit boring, but a title can make a big difference in an apartment’s value and your ability to secure financing.

On this week’s episode, Toni explains the three common types of Apartment Titles, the history of each, and why some real estate agents might conveniently leave out some important facts when trying to sell you a unit.