What comes with a property? You need to know! Ep 8 – Property Insider Secrets

Make sure you know the difference between a "fixture" and a "chattel" before you buy or lease a property!

Do you know the difference between fixtures and chattel? It’s important you know before you buy or lease a property since owners can take chattels but they cannot take fixtures, without specifying what they will be taking in the contract.

Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious whether an item is a fixture or chattel, and there are some gray areas. Listen in to this “Property Insider Secrets” episode as Toni explains the difference between chattels and fixtures and what you need to know before buying or leasing a property!

Key Takeaways:

  • Fixtures are usually secured to the structure and are difficult to remove.
    • Owners/former leaseholders cannot remove these unless specified in the contract
  • Chattel includes items that can be taken away by the owner/former leaseholder
    • ex. Window furnishings
  • Most appliances are considered to be fixtures, but some can be considered chattels
    • ex. A dishwasher with wheels could be considered a chattel
  • In a lease agreement, the landlord is required to maintain fixtures and chattels which are included
  • Plants and trees are considered fixtures unless potted
  • Toni’s Tip: Take pictures of the property during your first walk-through, especially if you are concerned something might be taken
  • If the property includes a separate garage and/or storage space, make sure to go see it for yourself


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